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Subject: "Ed" how it started, chapter 1(This story is true. But it didn't happen to me. A buddy of mine wrote it,
and well, I'm submitting it. younger sis licking
It happened when he was 14, so I guess it
should young teens tpg appear in the Highschool area) Oh, and if you want to read my
stories, which are also true, they are under incest, titled, "White
Mexican." Anyway Here it is.
This is an account of a relationship I had with a guy I've known since
first grade.I noticed Ed the first day of my first grade class because we had matching
baseball jackets. They were different colors and it's funny today how you
can remember something so insignificant. Over the years he became my best
friend, further solidified through our joining boy scouts together. Ed
took boy scouts very seriously and was more proficient than I at earning
his merit badges and gaining rank in the troop. He also knew everything
about Indians forum very youngs
and was every bit at home in the woods as he was anywhere
else. He had a dark complexion compared to other kids in our school (all
German and Irish) and I use to think he had Native American blood in him
because he younger sis licking
was young russain girls such a natural at being a scout. Years later I realized he
was just a lot smarter than the rest of us and excelled at practically
everything he did. When I spent the weekend with male fuck young
he and his family, we
usually hung out in the woods when we weren't riding his mini-bike or
racing his go-cart. I couldn't have any of these things because I lived in
town and there young nudist galleries was an ordinance that made it illegal (according to my
parents). Therefore, I loved staying at his place. By the time we took
drivers ed we had outgrown boy scouts and our sleepovers had ended a couple
years prior. Since Ed lived way out in the country, it was easier for him
to catch the bus that brought us to the high school by staying in town with
me. Since it was summer, we decided young girl pee to campout in the back yard the two
weeks were scheduled to attend classes. I thought this was a good idea
because my mom didn't really like Ed. In spite of being smart, he came
across as being rude and she let me know she "couldn't take that kid" for
very long. (Little did she know he'd be trapped with her for several weeks
during the blizzard of the century only a few years later). Classes ran
half days so we had a lot of time to hang out and basically do nothing. I
was younger babies nudes planning to detassel over the summer and since it was early June, the
season hadn't started yet. I don't think Ed even planned to work over the
summer. He was the youngest of four kids and his mom really spoiled him.
Ed's mother was a really good-looking woman and I always thought Ed looked
very much like her. young petite underwear His features were much softer than his older brother
who was also in scouts with us and was much admired for his looks. I
wasn't aware I was good looking back then and remember I envied the dark
features of Ed and his brother.As Ed and I pitched the tent, it reminded me of the time we spent together
in boy scouts. They were great times I think about them still. I really
admired him and was happy we were going to be spending so much time
together. We started our drivers ed class and hung out with guys that also
lived in town in the afternoons. Ed introduced me to a girl a couple years
younger than us that was pretty hot in spite of being so young and
indicated to me they were "going out". That night, sleeping in the tent,
Ed talked a lot about her and hinted around they had made out, felt each
other up but hadn't fucked yet. From there, our conversation probably
rambled on super young pussy about the girls we thought were hot, which couple we thought
were having sex, the usual teenager conversation. By now, we had been best
friends for years so there were no real surprises in the topics we covered.
This was in the 70's and streaking was still occurring on college campuses
so we eventually talked about streaking and being nude in general. It was
inevitable that one of us suggested we should try streaking across the back
yards of the neighborhood. We proceeded to strip our clothes off and
stepped out of the tent into the great outdoors. Being nude in the back
yard suddenly made me realize the night seemed a lot brighter than it had a
few minutes earlier. I guess the moon was out because I could see every
detail of Ed's body. We hadn't seen each other naked in a few years and
this was the first time I caught sight of his cock and dark patch of pubic
hair since we had passed puberty. I always thought Ed was cool to look at
nude because he had a great body but this was the first time I had
considered and also hoped maybe something sexual would happen between the
two of us. His bush was a lot thicker than mine but our dicks looked more
or less equal. Like me, he was circumcised but the head of his cock was
shaped in a way that made me think the hospital surgeon made some slight
error in his circumcision. The head of his dick wasn't ugly or deformed
but was shaped slightly different from mine. I have a fairly classic
looking banana shaped cock when I'm boned up. Nothing irregular. Ed and I
jogged naked throughout the neighborhood but stayed out of areas that were
brightly lit. When we got to a grove of trees we sprawled out on the grass
and rested. Eventually we got bored and started shoving one another and
were soon wrestling around on the grass. It felt great! A couple of times
his hair touched my nude cock and I had to focus to prevent myself from
getting a hard on. It felt erotic to wrestle nude with Ed and gave me
permission to touch him younger babies nudes
in places that wouldn't had been cool at any other
time. Ed had really muscular thighs and a great ass from running track and
I enjoyed squeezing his it as he scissored me between his legs. I could
also feel his pubes and cock rub across my gut. After we tired of
wrestling, we ran back to the tent. By now I was pretty aroused and there
was really no pretending I didn't have a boner. When we stepped into the
tent, we kept the tent flaps open and laid on our sleeping bags. Neither
of us suggested putting our clothes back on. Instead we pretended being
nude was totally natural in spite of the tension that was now evident in
the tent. I certainly very young pretty know I felt it and am pretty positive Ed felt it
too. Because of this awareness, I wanted to make something sexual happen
between the two of us so I started talking about having a boner. I may
have said something about the fact that I got hard young preeteen schoolgirl a lot of the time and
told Ed I jacked off everyday, sometimes more than once. Ed agreed but
seemed less eager to talk about anything so personal. I knew I had to
boost his level of horniness order to get him to want to do anything
sexual. I started quizzing him about what methods felt best when he jacked
off and what types of things he fantasized about. He responded by
mentioning the girl we had met earlier and named a few other girls as
having a role in his fantasies. He also turned on his flashlight and began
showing me the technique he used to jack off, which was full fisted. I
thought this looked hot because I rarely jacked off that way. I mostly
used my thumb, ring finger, and index finger because I liked applying
pressure to my shaft, just below the head of my cock. I described my
technique to Ed and he said he called that area of his cock his sweet spot
because he also had a nice sensation when he pressed down on that area with
his index finger. I asked him to show me if it was the same spot on his
dick I had described and little virgin young he sat up and closed the tent flaps to give us
more privacy. When he did this, the excitement I had experienced when
wrestling him climbed about another ten notches because we were now
focusing all out attention on our boners. When he showed me where he
pressed his finger, I agreed it very young pretty was the same spot I touched to "really get
off". I then took a gamble and asked him how he thought it would feel if
someone other than himself were to apply pressure there. He said he didn't
know but it would probably feel pretty good. I told him I thought it would
feel great and it would no doubt make me cum pretty fast. Ed said he
thought it would make him cum fast too. Then I really got bold and told
him I'd squeeze him there if he did the same thing to me, just to see how
it felt. He hesitated for about two seconds and then said ok, who should
do it first. I told him I would and I slowly reached for his cock and
gently grabbed his shaft with just my thumb and index finger. At this
point I was shaking pretty bad and was sure he noticed. His voice also
quivered a little as he told me he thought it felt good but to apply more
pressure. I squeezed his cock in this way for about 30 seconds before
letting go. I then quietly waited for my turn. Without prompting him, he
leaned over my sleeping bag and did the same very young pretty thing to me. I was feeling
fucking horny at this point, probably more turned on than I'd been in my
life. I'd actually touched Ed's boner and he had done the same to me.
Next, I asked him what else felt good to him. nude young little He described his jacking off
real slow, then speeding up and slowing down again saying "it makes young cock suckers me come
a lot". I said that sounded cool and could we try that with each other.
He asked me if I wanted to go first and I said yeah. I took his cock in my
fist and tried to mimic what he described. I remember our voices kept
getting lower and lower as we talked to one another. I think my mouth had
gone completely dry at this point as I practiced Ed's technique on his
cock. Again, he mimicked me by fisting my boner after I was through with
him. He then asked me what I thought felt good and I admitted I liked to
spit in my hand and jack my cock using my spit. This time he went first by
spitting a couple of times in his hand before grabbing hold of my dick and
jacking the skin over the head young boys masterbating
and shaft. This felt incredible and I told
him it was the best I ever felt. He younger babies nudes invited me to do the same to him,
which I did. Surprisingly, Ed was the first to suggest trying to blow one
another. I was a little hesitant because I didn't really know how to do
it. I wasn't freaked out or anything but I felt like Ed knew more about
sex than I did. I hadn't been sexual with a girl yet. I told Ed it was
fine with me but he would have to go first. Ed grimaced as though this was
a real pain but quickly leaned over and went down on my cock. I can't
really describe how it felt. It ticked at first until he created more
suction with his mouth. When he did this, it felt completely sexual and I
knew it would be real easy to cum this way. What he was doing to me felt
so fucking dirty! He stayed on my cock for about 15 seconds before setting
up again and waiting for me to return the favor. I honestly couldn't wait
to try. I quickly leaned over and took his dick in my mouth, again copying
what he had just done. I young teenz thumb wasn't repulsed or anything. I really thought I
did a pretty good job. When I sat up I asked Ed how it felt. To my
surprise, Ed said it didn't really feel like anything. I remember thinking
"what the fuck, younger sis licking
I just sucked your dick". Instead I said, are you sure?
Ed said, yeah, I didn't really feel it at all. Honest to god, my first
thought young nudist galleries was, that's because he has a fucking weird shaped head on his cock
and it's probably a lot less sensitive than mine. The next thing I know,
Ed covered himself with his sleeping bag as though he's through for the
night. Keep in mind, my level of horniest is practically fever pitched and
I've got to get off or I'm going to explode. I tell him that his giving me
head was the best feeling I've ever had. He said, "oh really...well, it
just didn't do that much for me". Not knowing what else to do, I also got
under the fold of my sleeping bag and continued to describe how good his
lips on my dick felt. It was all I could think about. I was also jacking
my cock while I spoke and Ed had turned off the flashlight. Even so, I
knew he could probably hear me jacking off but I didn't give a shit at this
point. I only wanted to get him interested in continuing what we were
doing. I was so boned up, I was also pretty close to coming when Ed
suddenly said, why don't you try sucking my dick again. I didn't expect
this but was suddenly hurled into a kind of teenage sexual stupor because I
was so close to shooting my load. Ed had opened his sleeping bag in the
dark and presented his boner to me. I could see well enough to distinguish
he was lying nude with his hands clasped behind his head and he looked all
sexy and shit. Still jacking my cock, I went down on his boner with
absolutely no inhibitions this time. Ed jumped slightly and hissed, "watch
the teeth" while little young nudity I deep throated his cock. It only took about 30 seconds
before I went totally over the edge. I blew my load all over the inside of
my sleeping bag. Right after I came, I was immediately overcome with guilt
and quickly lifted off Ed's cock. Trying not to let him know I came I
asked, "How was that?" Ed again replied, "it really just doesn't do a
whole lot for me". I was so relieved to hear he didn't want me to keep
going because at 14, I was done. I mumbled nothing very intelligible,
turned over and went to sleep. young masturbation stories Looking back, this was really kid stuff.
Two years later after a bottle of Southern Comfort, Ed and I had guy/guy
sex that was much more intense and would be the first time I ever made out
with a guy.
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